Pink Silcone Brush Set 3pc

Pink Silcone Brush Set 3pc

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BB’s silicone brushes are ideal for lamination applications, applying tint and pressing the tint into the brow to ensure the hairs fully absorb the product. The silicone makes the brushes durable and easy to clean, and the flexible pink tips allow you to see how much product you are applying. The brushes soak up no liquid meaning less product waste and longer brush life, allowing you to create immaculate brows time and time again.


  • Easy clean
  • Precise application
  • No brush hair fall
  • Less product waste
  • More hygienic
  • Pack of 3

Why you’ll love it!

This BB product is a must for every brow and lash artist. Single-use applicators are no longer needed as the silicone is designed for continuous use, simply clean and reuse. The pink tips effortlessly glide over brows and lashes, allowing you to see exactly where the product is on the brush so you can ensure accurate placement.

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