black swabs buds
black swabs buds
black swabs buds

black swabs buds

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Lip wands are lint-free, soft, and gentle. They are a multi-purpose tool and are great for a number of different uses such as applying lifting cream, neutralising lotion or moisturising serum during a Brow Lamination treatment. 

The tip of the wand is slanted and is the perfect tool to get a crisp line when tinting eyebrows.

These wands are great for applying primers, cleansers, and shampoos. You can also use these wands to get Gently removes lash extensions.

  • Cleanses the natural lashes prior to applying lash extensions.
  • Ideal for lash lift treatments.
  • The shape of the wands allows you to work on a larger area and create precise lines in brow tinting.
  • Pack of 100.

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