Volume Lash Course

Course cost: £ 399.00 + vat, with kit 1
Course cost: £540.00 + vat, with kit 2
Duration: 1 1⁄2 Day Course (Lunch not provided)
Pre-requisites: We recommend only competent classic lash technicians should attend volume training.
Class Size: 4

Volume lashes also referred to as Russian volume have taken the eyelash extension industry by storm as the desire for full lashes has grown greatly over the last few years. This technique allows lash technicians to fan out multiple lashes immediately before placing them on to a single natural lash creating intense volume with a soft, fluffy look, even for clients with sparse, fine lashes. The volume technique uses eyelash extensions that are between 0.03mm – 0.10mm diameter to make this possible without damaging the natural lashes. Historically lash technicians were using 0.20mm or 0.25mm lashes to try to create a fuller look using the 1 on 1 technique which unfortunately was leading to damage of the natural lashes as most client’s lashes cannot support this diameter.


Introduction to volume lash extensions, contra-indications, contra-actions, adhesives, lash mapping, lash styling, lash direction, lash pick up techniques 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, pricing and time guidelines, preparation of work area, application, procedure, products required for treatment, maintenance, patch test, consultation, removal, aftercare, the perfect picture and trouble shooting.


Kit 1 contents: 1 x Ultra-Fast Adhesive,1 x Volume tweezer, 1 x Curved tweezer, 2 trays of mixed length lashes 0.07mm, 5 pairs Biogel eye patches, 1 x lash plate with crystal platform Kit 2 worth over £240.00, 1 x Ultra-fast Adhesive,1 x Remover, 1 x 100 microbrushes, 1 x 25 disposable mascara wands, 1 x lash cleanser, 1 x lash cleansing brush, 1 x lash pallet, 1 crystal plate, 1 pack crystal plate protectors,1 x 50 glue rings, 1 x Volume tweezers, 1 X Curved tweezers, 1 x mix tray C curl 0.03mm, 1 x mix tray C curl 0.05mm, 1 x mix tray C curl 0.07mm, 1x mix tray B curl 0.03mm tray, 1x mix tray B curl 0.05mm tray , 1x mix tray B curl 0.07mm tray, 1 x micropore tape, 1 x transpore tape and 5 pairs Biogel eye patches, 1 Small kit case.

The 1 1⁄2 day training consists of both theory and practical elements. After attending the initial training, you will be required to practice the techniques you have learned and successfully complete 2 post course assignments before you are issued with a certificate of achievement accredited by ABT which will enable you to obtain the insurance required to offer your new skill to clients. We aim to provide high quality training with post course support at an affordable cost to benefit you and your business!


If you are unable to attend the course booked you must let us know a minimum of 14 days before the course date or your payment will not be refunded.