Lash Bomb Course

Course cost: £ 250.00
Duration: 1 Day course (Lunch not supplied)
Pre-requisites: No previous experience required
Class Size: 4 to 6
Kit worth over £140.00 included

Lash bomb is an innovative method of giving the illusion the natural lashes are longer and have more volume using formulations and products made in the UK. The lashes are lifted from the root and set in place over this pad before having our 3-step system applied to the root of the lashes only. Creating a natural looking lift and giving the illusion of length and volume. Making the eyes appear more open without having to spend hours in the salon having semi-permanent lashes applied. Lash Bomb is a quicker and impressive alternative to semi-permanent eyelashes and will enhance the clients own natural lashes, with little or no maintenance for weeks.


Introduction to Lash Lifting and tinting, how tint works, advantages, hair growth cycle, hair structure, salon hygiene, PPE, personal presentation, code of ethics and conduct, consultation, client information and consent form, skin sensitivity/ Patch test, contra-indications, products required to perform treatment, lash Shields, procedure and aftercare.


1 x Blue/black tint, 1 x tint brush, 1 x 50ml/1.7 US fl oz 3% 10 vol hydrogen peroxide, glass dappen dish, 1 x 25 disposable mascara wands, 1 x 100 microbrushes, 5 pairs x biogel under eye patches, 1 x 10 small lash shields, 1 x 10 medium lash shields, 1 x 10 large lash shields, 1 x bonder, 1 X 10 No 1 lash lifting cream sachets, 1 x 10 No 2 neutralising cream sachets, 1 x 10 No 3 moisturizing serum sachets, 1 x eyelash separating tool, 1 x micropore tape, 1 x 50 ring cups, 5 x 20ml saline pods and 1 x small kit case and 1 x make up remover.

The 1-day training consists of both theory and practical elements. After attending the initial training, you will be required to practice the techniques you have learned and successfully complete 2 post course assignments before you are issued with a certificate of achievement accredited by ABT which will enable you to obtain the insurance required to offer your new skill to clients. We aim to provide high quality training with post course support at an affordable cost to benefit you and your business!


If you are unable to attend the course booked you must let us know a minimum of 14 days before the course date or your payment will not be refunded.