Case Study


I first discovered Beautiful Brows when I attended the clothes show live. I had always used brow makeup but nothing like what I was about to discover. After having the Beautiful Brows demonstration and seeing my new brows for the first time I was hooked, my brows had never looked so naturally thick and defined.

I bought the kit there and then and I have never looked back since.  Now I am not going to lie I have purchased other brow powders like Bobbi Brown, HD Brows, Chelsea Beautique and Illamasqua  to name a few. But nothing compares to Beautiful Brows and I just kept going back to it!

In the early part of 2014 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Alopecia Areata which progressed to Alopecia Universalis and through the horrendous journey of losing my fabulously long, thick, shiny hair I still had my brows and still continued to use Beautiful Brows  everyday! Then that fateful day happened when I woke up and all my brows and lashes were gone, I was a broken women.

I had lost my identity and my femininity, not only was I bald but I had no features! But after a couple of weeks of hopelessness I returned to my ever faithful Beautiful Brows powder to call upon its help. I was amazed that with just a little practice I looked like I had my brows back. I then thought well if I can use it on my brows I can use it as a liner to replace my lashes. I didn’t stop there either I now use Beautiful Brows as a very highly pigmented eye shadow, I don’t even need to wear false lashes!! I will never stop using Beautiful Brows it’s the best product I have ever discovered, and I am somewhat of a makeup junkie.

I have now quit my job as a civil servant of nearly 20 years and am about to start my own business - Glamorous Butterfly. I will provide support, wigs, silk scarves and makeup to all medical hair loss sufferers. This is a start of a new like for me, thank you Beautiful Brows for being there when I needed you the most.

Glamorous Butterfly x